INTERNAL USAGE Within the program you can use the following (default) keys. These can be changed in your configuration file by using the "key" configuration option.

   UP / DOWN or k / j
          Select previous or next item. (next_item) (prev_item)

   PGUP / PGDOWN or o / l
          Goto previous or next tag. (next_tag) (prev_tag)

          Set item unread or read (just_unread) (just_read)

   [ / ]  Cycle through defined filters (prev_filter) (next_filter)

   { / }  Cycle   through   defined   tag    filters    (prev_feed_filter)

   - / =  Cycle through defined tag sorts (prev_tag_sort) (next_tag_sort)

   < / >  Cycle through defined tag sets (prev_tagset) (next_tagset)

   :      Goto a specific tag (order of the config) (goto_tag)

   ;      Goto a specific visible tag (goto_reltag)

   TAB    Switch focus between list and reader (only useful with dedicated
          reader space)

   h      Display this man page. (help)

   Space  Read a story (reader)

   g      Use the defined browser to goto the item's URL (goto)

   C / V  Collapse/Uncollapse      all       tags       (set_collapse_all)

   c      Collapse/Uncollapse current tag (toggle_collapse_tag)

   f      Inline search (inline_search)

   m      Toggle item marked/unmark (toggle_mark)

   M      Unmark all items (all_unmarked)

   n / p  Goto next/previous marked item (next_mark) (prev_mark)

   , / .  Goto next/previous unread item (next_unread) (prev_unread)

   r / u  Mark tag read/unread (tag_read) (tag_unread)

   R / U  Mark all read/unread (all_read) (all_unread)

   Ctrl+R Refresh feeds (force_update)

   Ctrl+L Redraw screen (refresh)

   \      Restart Canto (restart)

   q      Quit Canto (quit)


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